Aircraft Handling

Executive Class handling services

JetShuttle’s Executive Class handling services for private aircrafts operates on a 24 hour basis, from Paphos airport covering technical check ups & refueling stops for both business & leisure travels. Guests can relax and enjoy the VIP lounge premises whilst serviced by qualified & experienced crew members. Crew members can also utilize the crew room & crew-briefing room. Wireless internet, shower and kitchen facilities are also provided on premise.

Paphos hangar’s team can support any guest requirements and provide professional concierge services covering onward bookings, hotel reservations, recreational bookings and more, as well as assist and fast track you through security checks, Immigration & Customs.

Cabin Crew
The primary aim of this service offering is to ensure passenger comfort. While cabin cleaning comprises the bulk of the effort, it also includes tasks such as replenishing onboard consumables (soap, tissues, toilet paper, reading materials) and washable items like pillows and blankets.

Passenger Service
Providing check-in counter services for the passengers departing.Providing arrival and departure services as well as Staffing the transfer counters, customer service counters and airline lounges. JetShuttleCy has created a network of contacts with companies and aircraft operators all over the globe. This allows us to assist you in the best and fastest way possible to locate any aircraft based on your request. If you are interested in chartering a business jet for you and your associates, kindly contact us Today!

Professional VIP Aircraft and Passenger handling services

Our fully personalized service embodies comfort, efficiency and peace of mind where it is least expected – the airport. We make it simple, saving you precious time and energy.

Airport Services

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  • Aircraft Handling
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