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Signature Airport Transportation

Mercedes V-Class Jet Edition

You name the location… We drive you there!
Luxury MPV Class | Pax 5

Free InCar hotspot internet 4G WiFi
Driver Intercom
Privacy Shield
Mini Fridge
PS4 Playstation
Apple TV | DVD Blueray
Baby ISO Provisions
USB Charging Points
Heated Reclinable Seats
5.1 Dolby Digital Surround 10” Sub
Star Light Roof

Thinking Global. Acting Local.

Effortless Private Jet Travel

Our service-oriented culture seeks to enhance the life of each of our travellers every time. We make your private aviation seem effortless by making the impossible possible. Travel without compromise, every travel, every day.

Discretion & security

Jetshuttle guarantees your privacy, and we will work closely with your security provider on all aspects of your charter

Find your Private Jet

Find an aircraft that fits your lifestyle and fulfils your travel needs. With Jetshuttle you have access to a wide variety of aircraft types fleet available for you.

Luxury and comfort

Flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

We Fly You To Over 20.000 Destinations World Wide

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